Blog Post: A day with Brotherhood Books


For those of you who may not know, the Brotherhood of St Laurence has an online second hand bookstore! A couple of months ago at work, we were advised that each year, we receive a paid volunteer day to use as we wish. We were also advised that our work place had teamed up with Brotherhood Books to send people out to their warehouse in Sunshine to help them sort books! Publishers sorting books… Yes, that sounded like something we would definitely like to do! Thankfully, I have a very proactive and enthusiastic boss and so our small team was quickly registered for a day out!

On Wednesday this week, we were sent from work in a minibus with a packed lunch – yes, so cute – to the Brotherhood Books warehouse. We were shown around the warehouse where many of the goods – clothes and electricals – are sorted and then we came to the books! There were rows and rows of numbered books on bookshelves and then there were the unsorted books; these were the ones they set us loose on!


The Brotherhood receive so many donated books that there were too many to send out to stores. By opening up an online store, they have enabled books to be recycled and returned to loving homes. The many volunteers who work there on a day to day basis sort and clean the good quality books that are then posted on the website for consumers to choose from or they are sent out to one of the Brotherhood community stores. The best part is that the books that aren’t in a good enough state to be sold are then recycled and turned into egg cartons!

I must admit that I had a pretty hard time determining which books should be resold or recycled… I wanted EVERY book to find a new home. I tried to rescue as many as possible but I couldn’t fit them all in my pockets… I was very sad indeed!


Brotherhood Books have so many opportunities for corporate volunteering, fundraising and partnerships so if your work place is looking for something new to try, give the Brotherhood a call! All the regular volunteers were lovely and so were the permanent staff we met. It was a really fun day and we all walked away feeling like we had accomplished something great!


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