Book Chat: What have you been reading?

Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
– Stephen King

What a start to the year! I hope it is treating you well so far and that your reading is off to a great start – mine certainly is!

I have read some wonderful books so far. Jackie French’s To Love a Sunburnt Country was absolutely wonderful. It’s a love letter to Australia and our history. It’s a beautiful story and I cannot recommend it enough!

9781743099841 To Love a Sunburnt Country by Jackie French

I have also made my way through three books in a series. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater is fantastic – it’s YA fantasy at its best! The fourth book hasn’t been announced yet… it’s going to be a long wait!

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I am starting to look at non-fiction books to read this year. I am hoping for some suggestions – what do you recommend?

Over to you – what have you been reading?


3 thoughts on “Book Chat: What have you been reading?

  1. Hi BookKat, I’ve pulled out three oldies from my shelf to read. One is an old favourite and its a book of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, (his most famous story is “The Fall of The House of Usher) The second is Jack Londons “Call of the Wild” and the third is Volume One of “The Penguin Book of English Short Stories”. Edited by Christopher Dolley it contains one of my favourite Dickins short stories, “The Signalman”. Its a brilliant Victorian Era Ghost story. I tend to read short stories at this time of the year as I find it hard to maintain concentration with distractions such as the cricket and indeed the weather and dogs wanting to be walked.


  2. Sorry I pressed send before I could recommend some non fiction for you. Barrie Cassidy, the ABC political journalist has just written an incredible book about his father called “Private Bill”, I thoroughly recommend it. Also the third volume of Thomas Keneallys Australians series “From Flappers to Vietnam” has just been published and is a very readable history of our wonderful country. The Australian actor (the “wog” in Kingswood Country) broadcaster and journalist Lex Marinos released his autobiography called Blood and Circuses. I know you might be a bit young to know who he is but he is an incredible person. Finally an old book for you that I really enjoy, “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” – written by T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Its one you might have to haunt some second hand book stores for but its a riveting read and an insight into life almost a century ago. Happy reading.


    • Hi Patrick, thanks for dropping by! I agree that the beautiful weather tempts you away from reading. I love this time of year – there is nothing better than long summer days! I like the sound of your current reading pile. I studied short stories at uni and find them really enjoyable to read. I haven’t found a good collection in a while!

      As for your non-fiction suggestions, I love Thomas Keneally’s books and so his Australian series is a fantastic idea! I also saw Private Bill on the shelf in Dymocks this afternoon and picked it up. It has such a beautiful cover and it sounds like a really great read. I will definitely look out for the others as well – thank you very much for your recommendations!


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