Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015 and all the wonderful reading it shall bring…

Happy New Year!

2014 was an extremely exciting year for reading and I suspect it is only going to get better in 2o15!!

For the last few years I have set myself a challenge for the coming year. 2013 was to read a different genre each month and 2014 was to read more books than I did in 2013. Coming up with an idea for 2015 has proven to be a challenge in itself. I have searched the Internet high and low for some inspiration and nothing I have found has taken my fancy. So I have decided to blend a few together.

In 2015 I am going to attempt 3 things:

  • Finish my current TBR pile – there are roughly 50-60 books sitting on my desk and some of them have been sitting there a very long time! This isn’t going to stop me buying more books – they will just start a secondary pile unless I read them as soon as I get them!
  • Read one each of the following genres each month:
    1. Adult Fiction – including all genres of crime, fantasy, historical, contemporary etc.
    2. Non-Fiction – I am looking forward to going into a bookshop and finding some new stories. Considering my love of history, I am surprised that I don’t read more – I love knowing where people have come from and how they found themselves at that point in their lives!
    3. Young Adult – This really doesn’t need to be included in the list however you never know, I might get so obsessed with non-fiction I might forget about YA… you’re right – that will never happen!
    4. Australian Author – I think this is a really important addition to the list. In 2014 I discovered two Australian YA authors through recommendations that I enjoyed so much I devoured their series! I think it is important to support our local authors so I am going to make it my mission to discover someone new each moth – well new to me anyway!
    5. A Classic – there are so many classics that I really should have read by now. This will be a mix of children’s and adult classics – including re-reading some of my favourites!!
  • Read more than I did in 2014 – this is going to be a challenge! I managed to read 31 more books in 2014 than 2013 so improving on that is going to require some serious dedication!

I am also going to dedicate more time and effort to my blog. I have been a little inconsistent with when I post so I am going to work on having a consistent schedule and trying to stick to it! I am also going to work hard in building up my online book club. I would really love for my lovely readers to engage and participate more so I am just going to have to work out a way to draw you in 😛

Wishing you all a wonderful 2015!

Over to you – what are your reading goals for 2015? What kinds of things would you like to see me write about?


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