Book Chat: What have you been reading?

Welcome to Friday! It rocks around so quickly each week!

It has been a big couple of weeks in the book world. Last week I was lucky enough to meet Monica McInerney and Julia Gillard. Monica was genuinely happy to talk about her books and even asked me questions about my own reading. She was honest and warm and I really wish I could have sat down with her all day. She is a wonderful author and if you haven’t read one of her books then I encourage you to try one. Julia Gillard was equally as impressive. She spoke to our whole company and she had a smile for every person who showed up with a book to be signed. Regardless of political differences, it was a wonderful sight to see so many people turn out to celebrate her achievements.

Julia Gillard Monica McInerney

Speaking of achievements, the Man Book Prize for 2014 was awarded to Richard Flanagan for The Narrow Road to the Deep North. He is the third Australian to win the award and it is very exciting! Congratulations to Richard and the team at Penguin Random House Australia!

Narrow Road to the Deep South by Richard Flanagan

It has also been a wonderful week in terms of reading. I enjoyed The White Queen by Philippa Gregory so much that I went out and bought the whole Tudor Court series. I will be getting the rest of the Cousin’s War series once my purse recovers! I thoroughly enjoyed Hilary Badger’s debut YA novel State of Grace. It has a unique voice that I found really interesting. I think it made some interesting points and certainly shared some very clear messages.

One Hundred Year Old Man by Jonas Jonasson State of Grace by Hilary Badger Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

I was extremely excited to receive Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time on Tuesday. I have been hanging out for it for months but after 100 pages my excitement is waning just a tad… Is anybody else currently reading it? What do you think?

Finally, the upcoming book club books are We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver (discussing from November 3rd) and Wool by Hugh Howey (discussing from December 1st). I hope to see you there!

Need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver Wool by Hugh Howey

Over to you – What are you currently reading? Need some new ideas? Feel free to ask for some recommendations!


Review: State of Grace by Hilary Badger –

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6 thoughts on “Book Chat: What have you been reading?

  1. My pile of books is growing, and my list of books to read is growing by the day. Ahh good times. My adult reading is a book titled The good Italian by Stephen Burke. It is set in a place I have never read about, Eritrea around about 1935. Enzo is the lonely Italian harbourmaster whose life changes totally when he employs an Eritrean woman to be his housekeeper. A good read so far.
    My young adult book is called The moment collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson. A suspense/ghost novel set in a small American town. Teenage girls have been murdered, young love is in the air and there is a restless spirit residing in the cellar! I am enjoying this novel as well.


    • They both sound fantastic! The reading list is a constant issue here too!

      I am enjoying Knife! I am curious to see where it is going. I am yet to see how it is going to pan out over a series… clearly I have quite a bit yet to read! Would you suggest it as a good ‘female’ comparison to Artemis Fowl??


  2. I wrote this long entry about finishing Shadow of Night, the second book in the Discovery of Witches trilogy. Then my computer crashed and it all disappeared. Of course it was the most insightful, articulate review of a book ever to be written….

    Anyway, now I’m reading The Rosie Project. I love it! I love the character of Don and his lack of insight into his “quirks”. It is so well written. I hope the movie can do the characters justice.


    • Oh no 😦 I hate it when that happens! Did you like it? Tell me more!

      As for The Rosie Project, I loved it! I can’t say the same for book two but book one is endearing and sweet!


      • I did enjoy it, but I was getting frustrated with all the new characters being introduced and some of the historical facts and intertwined events got a little tedious. As with the first, the end has me intrigued enough that I will read Book of Life.


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