Book Chat: What are you reading?

Finding out that someone likes the same book as you? Hello, instant new best friend!


Last week I received a message through my Facebook page with a suggestion for an ‘open post’- a place where people can discuss what they are currently reading, ask for suggestions and share their thoughts on books they have read. I think it is a wonderful idea, as I love to hear about what others are reading!

So far this week I have read the amazing debut novel The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. We have a proof making its way around the office and everyone who read it before me loved it. It’s adult fantasy but it’s not hard to read – it is clear in its ideas and doesn’t weigh itself down with detail as some fantasy books can do. I really, really enjoyed it –  must read!!

I am following it up with book four of the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. He is a little bit mad but I thoroughly enjoy his books… they are about books after all!!

Now a question for you – since finishing A Discovery of Witches, I have been on the hunt for another series about witches (preferably without vampires…). Can you recommend anything? What are you currently reading?


11 thoughts on “Book Chat: What are you reading?

  1. So excited you did this. I love hearing about what people are reading, and getting the chance to talk about what I’m reading!

    I’ve just come back from holidays so have had a bit of a binge read. I finished the Divergent series. I really enjoyed it and I think Allegiant (Book 3) was my favourite. I liked the ideas it explored and without revealing spoilers, how it all came together in the third book.

    I read The Fault in our Stars, and at the risk of being lynched, I did not like it. I found the characters just irritated me. I will still watch the movie though!


    • Thank you for the idea! It was certainly a great one!!!

      I am glad you liked Divergent. I really think its a great trilogy. Unfortunately it sits in the shadow of The Hunger Games but I really think that it stands up on its own!

      As for not liking TFIOS, it is nice to hear someone admit that they don’t. There haven’t been many people to do that! There is a book club on the ABC (774 radio) with Raf and he did TFIOS last month. It was really interesting to hear that he didn’t like it because the things he didn’t like are the things that I like the best. Have a listen at I would be interested to hear if you agree with him!!


        • I must admit the TFIOS segment was the first time that I heard him on the radio. I have no doubt that he is intelligent but I do feel as though he missed the point a little with TFIOS…


      • Thanks for the link. I do agree with Raf. The cliches were just too much for me. The scenes in Amsterdam were over the top and the kiss in the Ann Frank museum with everyone applauding was the cherry on the irritation cake! I found that Hazel and Augustus were smug. I did, however, enjoy the character of Isaac and his interactions with the two protagonists. I may have enjoyed this book more as a young adult because I know I was melodramatic and angst ridden as a teen and I may have related more to Hazel and Gus!


        • See, I find that really interesting! What I like most about the book is the way the characters are cliche. Teenagers are walking cliches – they think that they know it all and they think they are discovering things for the first time. Hazel and Gus are smug are Gus is really quite arrogant in his philosophical thinking but Green has created characters that are true to their real-life counterparts. I agree that Isaac is a great character but so are the parents. They are an important feature in this book which is unusual as parents are often absent in YA fiction. I just love how this book is about living life no matter what it throws at you. Below the teen dramatics is some really lovely messages 🙂


  2. I’m reading a few things right now. Shadow of Night, the sequel to A Discovery of Witches, Sophie’s Choice for a book club, and Tara Moss’s The Fictional Woman. I’m enjoying each of them.

    Regarding witches, have you read the crucible? I remember enjoying it when I read it at school. Also Roald Dahl’s The Witches is an all time favourite.


    • What a great reading pile! I really enjoyed Shadow of Night. I felt like it was the best book of the three! I feel like we learn a lot about Matthew and the different layers to his character and I also like the developments with his mother. She is such a fantastic character! I also loved The Fictional Woman. It was a really smart and accessible way of looking at feminism. I also admire her honesty. It would be hard to put all of her history into a book for all to read, especially since they are the parts people will want to talk about over and over. Sophie’s Choice is somewhere on my bookcase….

      I have not read The Crucible. I will have a look! As for the Roald Dahl book, I love all of his books! Matilda is my favourite by far.


  3. As mentioned most of my reading has been work related but at night when I go to bed Ive been reading the ABC Limelight Magazine and another amazing magazine called Great Ocean.


  4. I just finished yesterday We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, and it was such a great read, I read it in two sittings! I picked it up not knowing anything about it, and it’s got a cracking twist that really took me by surprise. Its a great story about a just slightly dysfunctional family. Highly recommend! Has anyone read it?


    • Hi Alana,

      I have also read this book! It was one of our book club books this year. I was on the fence a little. The others really loved it but there were a few things I didn’t like. I found it a little unsettling which was quite possibly one of the authors intentions!! What was your favourite thing about it?


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