thebookkat bookclub!

When I was first started thinking about a blog, I was hoping to build an online space where people could talk about books. It is one of my favourite things to do and I love hearing about what others are enjoying!  It is the part of working in a bookstore that I miss the most – talking with the customers who are searching for the next great read. We are so lucky to have access to some of the most talented writers and I am so thankful every time I finish another great book.

To get the conversation going, I would like to start an online bookclub. Everyone is welcome – it is open to anyone who wants to read good books and talk about them!

The rules are simple – one book every two weeks and each choice will be from a different genre. That way, we (and by we I actually mean me) will not be reading young adult novels every time! I will choose the books but I would like you, the readers, to email me with your suggestions so that together, we can find new things to read! Now I understand that not everyone has the ease and access to books that I have so the book choices will not always be the newest release or the most popular. I want this to be accessible to everyone. That goes for commenting as well. I want to hear it all – what you loved and hated, what made you laugh/cry or want to throw the book across the room. The best part about reading is that no one is ever wrong. We all interpret what we read so differently that it is exciting to hear everyone’s point of view.

The books will be chosen on the first and third Mondays of the month. I will announce it via thebookkatblog, Facebook and Instagram. It would be great if people could send me their email addresses so I know who is interested.. but I will leave that up to you!

I think we should start with The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. This was the first book I did with my bookclub and everyone like it; we all have such varying likes and dislikes but it had a little something for everyone! We will be discussing this one on the from the 4th of August. See you there!!

P.S. Have an idea of something we should read? For all recommendations please email me at!


2 thoughts on “thebookkat bookclub!

  1. It might be an idea to let us know what the next couple of books are ahead of time? I won’t be able to read them all every 2 weeks as I have my own book club books to get through, but I would love to know a month or 6 weeks in advance what you’ll be reviewing so I can read one or two ahead and contribute to those discussions then 🙂


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