Let me introduce myself…

I feel as though I should introduce myself a little more and give an insight into where I come from and what I am all about.

I have always loved to read. By the end of primary school I had read the entire children’s section at the local library and I was looking for bigger and better things to get my hands on. I waited patiently until I was the legal age to work before walking into my local bookstore to ask for a job. I was devastated when they told me I was not old enough… Apparently I was lacking knowledge and experience. But I read so much! I knew things! They told me to come back when I was older. So I did – every year until the end of high school. The excuses were always the same. When I turned 18, I finally felt that I was old enough and experienced enough but the excuse changed. “We only hire university students,” one lady told me. So when I became a university student I chose a store and made myself known to the manager. I annoyed her so often that eventually I found myself working there!

Over the next three years I manoeuvred my way through university, having no idea what I wanted the outcome to be. I knew I loved books but it wasn’t until the last semester of my last year that it finally clicked. Instead of trying to find a profession to ‘do’, I needed to work with books. It wasn’t just a ‘hobby’ as some suggested. It was a passion that I could, and wanted to turn into a career.

Fast-forward two years and I am ridiculously happy working in the publishing industry. It is a completely different bubble to working in a retail store, but it is so much fun. I am surrounded by books (literally) and I have the best excuse to think and talk about books all day long! After twelve short months, the novelty hasn’t worn off. I am not sure it ever will!

That is a little about me… now I would like to get to know you a little too!


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